Blue stains on vegetables, say what?!

Food scandals once dismissed as occurrences that only happen in the faraway shores of China or India, this reality has hit too close to home.

Blue spots found on vegetables bought from NTUC Fairprice. (Facebook/ Jeff Yeo) 

In Singapore's local supermarket chain NTUC Fairprice, vegetables sourced from China has been found to have blue stains on them. Tests have confirmed and identified them as residual remnants of an undissolved, copper-based fungicide (approved to be used in agriculture).

Reassurances that these stains can be easily removed by washing and can also be found naturally in plants and animals do not provide any comfort.

Given that a lot of times, these chemicals can't be seen with the naked eye. All those time spent soaking my vegetables in veggie washes don't provide the necessary level of relief either.

So what do you do in a situation like this? I guess seems like the only way is to grow (some of) your own greens.

But growing your own greens can prove to be an intimidating endeavour, especially if:

(1) you have never been able to keep anything alive for more than a week or

(2) are better at maintaining making messes rather than cleaning them up.

I, for one, am both of the statements above. Which is why I'm thankful that technology has advanced to a point where growing plants can almost be fully automated. 

Regretfully, I can even neglect to do the most basic thing like topping up the water/nutrient every 2 weeks. Which should only take a minute.

Plantui Pok Choy Mizuna

The greens pictured above were grown in my Plantui (affectionately known as Bob) through virtually no effort of mine.

Leafy greens are one of the easiest things to grow, especially since fast growers like Pok Choy and Tatsoi take a mere 3 weeks before you can get your first harvest.

Sharing one of the pictures of the greens grown by Tracy, a proud Plantui owner. In this picture she is growing Curly Kale, Coriander, Thai basil and Red Pok Choy. What a spread she has there.

 Well, if you're anything like me, its time to consider a Smart Garden for your veggies!


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