Hi! I'm Rachel from Singapore and I now work with the Plantui team in Finland to bring you the chance to own your little garden in this urban jungle.

I first saw Plantui in my friend, and now business partner's home. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to have one! He offered us bok choy and mustard wasabina, freshly cut straight off the plant. The mustard wasabina was a pleasant surprise - fresh, tangy with mild yet complex undertones of wasabi. The bok choy had such depth of flavour that I've not tasted in the usual ones found in the supermarket. And the crisp, refreshing taste of the uncooked bok choy was a welcome bite compared to the soggy and limp ones I have once in a while at mixed rice stalls.


Having been a very enthusiastic vegetable nibbler, meal prepper and fitness enthusiast for a few years now, I have only recently warmed up to the idea of organic fresh produce due to the high prices charged in the supermarket. $7 for a few stalks of kale vs $1.50 for a bag of Shanghai greens? Say what?! 

Being a very lazy person (i.e. don't like to spend a lot of time washing vegetables), I constantly found myself worrying whether the produce I ate was clean enough. My mum bought me all sorts of vegetable washes, including this one where I heard pretty good reviews about and supposedly gets rid of 98.6% of surface pesticides. Surface, that is. Not the pesticides that have already been absorbed by the vegetable or fruit itself. 

Despite all these, nothing really got rid of that nagging suspicion in me. And the horror! I watched this TEDx video my friend sent me and this hit really close to home. And really started me thinking more about the importance of consuming quality, organic and pesticide-free produce. I decided to choose quality over quantity and spend my grocery dollars on produce that last longer, tastes better and gives me a peace of mind.


Other than the vegetables I get from the supermarket, I now have a complementary source of fresh veggies and herbs - Plantui. 

Due to my busy lifestyle, I hardly spend any time at home.This makes having a regular pet unfeasible. - Cue Plantui - The perfect "pet" that doesn't require much attention, self sustaining and yet it gives and gives. After the initial setup, Plantui only requires topping up of water every once in a while (2 weeks at germination stage, 1 week at active growing stage) and it provides you with beautiful glow that instantly uplifts your mood and of course, with a continuous supply of greens. It has changed my life, both personally and now professionally.


So who exactly is Plantui for?

  • The design enthusiast
  • The urban farmer
  • The organic veggie lover
  • The cocktail mixer (grow your own herbs!)
  • The plant experimenter
  • The home chef
  • The I-want-to-eat-more-greens person
  • The I-have-no-time-but-want-a-plant-that-won't-die kind of person

Okay, that was basically almost everyone ;)

My vision is to help Singapore become more self sustainable with more local produce and to build a social enterprise with vertical farms providing underprivileged Singaporeans with jobs and a great community while bringing fresh, clean produce to everyone. We can all do our part by practicing greener habits and by growing some of our own food.

Because you deserve to have good fresh produce right in your own home. And because... everyone deserves a garden :)



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  • Myron

    Great writeup Rach! :)

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