How much electricity does a Plantui Smart Garden consume annually?

So one of the few questions that people usually ask is..."Does Plantui consume a lot of electricity?"

Plantui edible flowers

An extremely valid question, especially with the rising costs of electricity in Singapore in the recent years.

As of writing this (7th Dec 2017), the electricity tariff stands at 20.3cents /kWh.

Plantui Smart Garden 6, with its energy efficient LED lights, consumes only 60kWh annual, which brings the total electricity costs in our tiny city to S$12.80 per year. [60 x $0.203 = S$12.8]Plantui 6 and P3e

For our latest Plantui Smart Garden 3 (P3e), its annual electricity consumption at 30kWh will cost S$6.40.

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