Plantui - From Finland to Singapore

As urban gardening and farming is getting more and more popular, there has been more and more products offering the chance for everyone to become an urban farmer.

So just how did Plantui come to tiny Singapore from Finland?

The story goes.. John, one of the co-founders of the Asian team, has been an avid gardener for years and his interest and travelling for work has led him to find and purchase popular home hydroponics kits from different countries such as the U.S, Japan, Taiwan and China.

Some of them had clunky designs, occupied too much space, required more work than what a new gardener would welcome. And the outdoor versions that required a basic outdoor patio/balcony was left exposed to the elements and pests, which made it difficult to maintain.

And the most frustrating thing is, often the promise of a home garden led to disappointment when the product did not live up to its hype or the expectations.

He was in search for an elegant, indoor solution that would not only be able to grow the plants effectively but also be a beautiful addition to his home.

- Cue Plantui - 

John discovered Plantui when he was on holiday in Finland and spotted it in a retail shop there. Fascinated by it, he lugged a few kits back home to try it out. 

Save to say the least, that was how his love story with Plantui began.

Plantui was the one product that checked off all the boxes and fulfilled his desire for an indoor edible garden. After trying it out for a while, he realised that he could grow so many different types of vegetables that it reduced his grocery shopping needs significantly. Instead of going to the market, he and his wife would harvest direct from the few kits that they had at home. On top of that, the vegetables tasted so good.

Slowly, he also started to experiment growing flowers and other types of plants. While doing so, he achieved the amazing accomplishment of growing Japanese pine in Singapore's climate and environment. Japanese pine, by the way, is infamously difficult to cultivate.

Pictured below is one of the bonsai plants in John's collection. This particular bonsai has not seen sunlight for more than a year but is still happily growing. In this setup, he removed the accompanying pot from the Moomin Garden and used the beautiful metallic red light hat as a standalone lamp.

This also meant that without Plantui's smart watering system, he had to create his own little makeshift watering contraption that was made out of an IV drip. (These gardeners and their ingenious ideas!)


John decided that he wanted to share Plantui with the rest of Asia. To let other people share in the joy of having great tasting and pure produce. And to grow plants they never thought they could in our Asian climate. He thus worked with the Finnish team to bring it to Asia and got a couple of others along in this journey with him.

That's how Plantui came to Asia and we hope that you will join all of us in the team along this journey in bringing a garden to everyone.

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