Setting up your Plantui

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of a Plantui and soon-to-be proud plant parent. I hope you are excited about your gardening journey ahead!

So now that you brought your Plantui home, how do you set it up?

1) Pick Your Seeds

A Plantui 6 can accommodate up to 6 seed capsules. This means that you can get 2 boxes of plant capsules. If you do decide to grow 2 different types of plants together, we recommend getting plants with similar growth rates. This will ensure that the one plant will not outshine or compete with the slower growing plant.

For first time growers, we always encourage fast growers. Because it would be extremely useful to get the hang of growing. And seeing your plants grow up fast is indeed very encouraging.

On the sides of the boxes, you will find information on the growth timelines of that particular plant you are going to grow.

At the end of the germination phase, you can start to add your first height block. Adding this height block will change the spectrum of the lights. The lights will be adjusted to provide the optimal spectrum for your growing plants. Smart garden it is, isn't it?

Within each box of Plant Capsules, you will find 3 capsules and a nutrient pack. The 2 nutrient packs should last you the entire growth of the plant before you change them in about 3-4 months.

In the image above, left to right, the nutrient pack, the nutrient scoop (comes with the Plantui Smart Garden set) and 2 packs of 3 capsules.


The capsules (made with lava rockwool) already come containing the seeds of your chosen plant. The number of seeds within each capsule varies depending on type of plant and the optimal number of seeds that can be grown within the space of the Plantui.

2) Add Water and Nutrients

Now it is time to setup the Plantui! 

Begin by filling the water bowl with 3 litres of water. There should be a watermark line to help you. Add in 3 spoons of nutrients into the water. There is no need to mix thoroughly as the pump will do that for you later on. 

3) Place the Capsules

Place the capsules on the tray, then peel off the middle part of the sticker to reveal the seeds. (Note: Double check to make sure no seeds are stuck under the sticker - if this happens simply extract it and drop it back into the middle of the capsule).


You can leave the remaining part of the stickers on for labeling purposes, or remove them if you wish.

4) Plug in your Plantui

Each set comes with a 2 pin power adapter which you will plug into a power source. The Plantui must be kept plugged into a power source 24/7, but it will go to sleep for 8 hours a day, because plants need their sleep too!

Each Plantui Smart Garden comes with 2 height blocks which you can add on at a later phase once the seeds have germinated.

Put the light hat on, and you're almost done!

5) Set the Sleep Time

Last step would be to set the time which you want your Plantui to sleep. The system has a predefined 16h wake and 8h sleep cycle. It will by default start the 16/8 cycle the moment you plug in the unit. You can however modify the cycle hours by putting the system to sleep at a specific time.

Let's say you want Plantui to sleep at 10pm. At 10pm, hover your hand over the sensor for 3 seconds and the lights will blink briefly before turning off. Your Plantui will now remember that its bedtime is 10pm and will automatically turn off at 10pm every single day. And will sleep for 8 hours (till 6am in this case).

Should you wish to reset the time, just repeat the step above at your desired time.

P.S: Some Plantui owners like to use Plantui as a night light, so they set Plantui to sleep during the day and to wake up at night. Which works perfectly fine too!

Optimal Environment for Plantui

  • Away from direct sunlight
  • Away from potted plants (to prevent plants from catching any soil-borne diseases)
  • Away from a damp environment (Plantui is an electrical device)

Have fun growing!


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