Leaf Radish

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Leaf Radish

Raphanus sativus

Some radish species are grown for their crispy taproots, others (like ours), for their tasty leaves. Radish leaves grow rapidly. The leaves of the leaf radish are dark green with a pretty red hue. Young leaves are virtually smooth, the older ones are slightly fuzzy. Both have the familiar fresh, crisp, slightly peppery flavor of the root radish. Toss a handful of raw baby leaves to your salads to pep them up or use them to garnish hot dishes. You could also try mixing them to a super healthy smoothie. The more mature leaves can be cooked like spinach or whirled to a delicious pesto with some kick in it.


Grow fresh, tasty and pure greens all-year-round. Plantui Plant Capsules™ are soil-free and ready-to-use. No gardening skills needed: just place the plant capsules into the Smart Garden - the seed are already in the capsules.

Untreated non-GMO seeds: Plantui seeds have not been treated using any chemical, biological or physical method.

Our capsules are made of lava stone wool which ensures optimal water and oxygen levels for plants. The rockwool is also firm enough to support the plant weight and soft enough to allow the roots to grow into the nutrient solution.

This package contains 3x Plantui Plant Capsules™ and 1x pack of nutrients specifically designed for these plants.