The Technology Behind Plantui

The Technology Behind Plantui

We believe that in the future everyone will grow their own plants at home. With Plantui you can enjoy fresh greens at home every day, all year round — sustainably and toxic-free.


What Is Plantui?

Plantui is the first hydroponic (i.e., no soil needed) smart garden that enables you to grow high-growing plants at home with superior ease of use and control.

  • Grow plants up to 1m of height (with stackable height & light blocks)
  • Grow anything: vegetables, tomatoes, chilies, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and more
  • Plants grow naturally without any chemicals or pesticides, and produces very little heat. 

We have miniaturized the growth processes and methods used in state-of-the-art Finnish greenhouses. Because Finland is a very challenging growth environment for plants, these methods are highly advanced.

Plantui Smart Garden

Plantui Smart Garden™
from 25cm to 70cm 
(Adjustable with manual height blocks, max 5pcs.) 
Power consumption: 60 kWh / year
Power: 9W
Light: LED
  • Photosynthesis spectrum - 300μmol/s
Plant capsule places: 6pcs
Growth process: Semi automated 
  • Adapts lights and irrigation to plant growth phases
  • Manual height adjustment

Key features of Plantui include the following:

1. Optimized Lights

  • Light power is equivalent to the sun
  • Optimized light spectrum for the photosynthesis, germination and flowering

2. Super Efficient

  • 9kWh per year (on all the time)
  • Approx. $10 of operating cost per year
  • Low power consumption with minimal excess heat.

3. Perfect Fit With Natural Growth Phases

Our system gives perfect conditions for growth in every growth stage. It detects the plant height and optimizes the irrigation and light intensity and spectrum to the growth phase of a plant.

4. Facts Behind Our Crop Claims — Years of Study

Our senior advisor Professor Risto Tahvonen is one of the most esteemed gardening experts in the world. He is one of the visionary people who has multiplied the productivity in the Finnish greenhouse industry in the past decade. The Finnish greenhouse productivity is now among the best in the world.

For example, in 2,000 the cucumber average productivity in Finland was roughly 80kg / m² – now in 2014 it is about 260kg / m².

The Finnish greenhouse productivity is 10 times better than in greenhouses in Spain and 2.5 times better than in Holland.

NOTE: This is all done with non GMO plants and natural nutrients. Like all Plantui plants too.

5. Makes Hacking Plants a Reality – Both Flavors And Growth

Based on research, we already know that with light spectrums we can modify plants without modifying the actual DNA.

Taste features like mild vs. intense flavor (even peppery) can be controlled by modifying red and blue spectrum, light intensities and spectrum balance. However, we have not yet tested how this effects to all plants. For herbs it does work based on our own tests, but more plant growing is needed.

Red and blue light control also affects the height — for shorter plants emphasize blue spectrum over the red ones.

6. The Most Advanced Light System in the Market — The Science Behind It

Light is among the most crucial enablers of plant growth. Research shows that the growth of plants is determined by the number of photons between 400 and 700nm that they absorb. This is called the Photo Synthetic Photon Flux (PPF).

Many lamp manufacturers still specify the output of their lamps (illuminance) in lumens, though this just specifies how we humans perceive the intensity of that light. Human eyes are most sensitive to green light of 555nm, but plants are more sensitive to a much broader spectrum. Therefore, we specify for all grow lamps the PAR value, expressed in micromole photons per second (μmol / s). PAR is the only reliable measure to indicate whether a lamp is suitable for photosynthesis.

In plain language, some light spectrums are more important for plants than others. Because we have studied this field extensively, we are able to produce a device that takes use of the most efficient spectrums for plant growing.

We use light spectrums which are best for the plants, for the photosynthesis, in all our products. Additionally, we have added an spectrum which makes the lights beautiful for human eyes.