French Lavender

French Lavender

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French Lavender

Lavandula Stoechas

A beautiful dwarf variety of French Lavender, Bandera Purple is an incredibly compact, highly aromatic and flavourful plant. With deep, rich purple flowers crowning dainty light green stems and leaves, these thickly growing plants look and smell as attractive as they taste. Used in a variety of culinary cuisines, and turned into oils for their medicinal properties, these lavenders are a must have for any garden.

This packet contains seeds only. You will need to purchase the experiment kits separately.


  • French Lavender seeds

 Special Requirements:

  • 2x Experiment Kit
  • Do not mix with other plants
  • Sow between 5-7 seeds per capsule
  • Kill off the weaker sprouts leaving only 1-2 plants per capsule
  • Best grown in an air-conditioned environment with <25°C