Kale Lacy

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Kale Curled Green

Brassica oleracea

For many of our ancestors, kale was a super food too, but not in the same sense as today. The quick growing and nutritious kales were sturdy and hardy: they could be kept in the kitchen garden, or as the Scots used to call it, in the kailyard, even under snow. If you have kale, you always had something to put on the table.

Our lacy version has frilly, dark blue-green leaves that make your Plantui look like a miniature palm tree garden. The mild cabbage flavor complements nicely your salads, stews, soups, pasta and omelets. Try also shredding some leaves and adding them to your stir-fry for color and crispiness.

Looking for variations? Check out our other kale variety: Kale Curled Green.


  • 3x Capsules with Kale seeds
  • 1x Nutrient Pack