Kale Red Russian

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Kale Red Russian

Brassica Oleracea L.

Kale Red Russian is one of the tenderest kales with a sweeter taste compared to the traditional kale varieties. It stands out with its beautiful bluish-grey leaves and purple veins. This variety is packed with nutrients and fiber, which naturally boosts the immune system. It is delicious when eaten raw in salads or stir fried if you prefer. 

Lavenders are very slow growing so you have to be patient with this plant. They will however, grow to strong plants which will last you for years. Once bigger, you can even propagate new lavender plants via cuttings!

This packet contains seeds only. You will need to purchase the experiment kits separately.


  • ~2 grams of Kale Red Russian seeds

 Special Requirements:

  • Experiment Kit
  • Sow between 6-8 seeds per capsule
  • Kill off the weaker sprouts leaving only 3-5 plants per capsule