Lettuce Red Salad Bowl

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Lettuce 'Red Salad Bowl’

Lactuca Sativa

Outstanding variety with frilled, oakleaf-shaped, burgundy colour leaves that hold its colour even during very hot weather. Posses mild, smooth flavour and is best for salads, sandwiches, garnishes etc. This type is looseleaf (does not form heads) and re-grows after cutting so it is perfect for the Plantui system! Can be grown for baby leaf (15-25 days) or full maturity (65 days).

This packet contains seeds only. You will need to purchase the experiment kits separately.


  • ~500 Lettuce 'Red Salad Bowl' seeds

 Special Requirements:

  • 1x Experiment Kit
  • Sow between 5-7 seeds per capsule
  • Kill off the weaker sprouts leaving only 1 plant per capsule