Nutrient Packs

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Nutrient Packs

Have overly hungry plants? Get more of our specially formulated high quality nutrient packs! Our nutrients have been rigorously tested with our Plantui plant selection.

If a plant doesn’t get enough nutrients, it can lead to various symptoms: slow growth, abnormal colour of the leaves or increased risk of catching plant diseases. The most essential element for plants vital functions is nitrogen. Potassium is required for maintaining the fluid balance. Magnesium is an important material for chlorophylls, whereas phosphorus is required by plant cells. Calcium is needed for intracellular messaging and as cell building material.

In hydroponics, all the important nutrients are added into water: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, and also very small amounts of micronutrients: molybdenum, copper, zinc, manganese and boron. These are the ingredients of the mysterious Plantui nutrient mix!


  • 2x Nutrient Packs