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Origanum vulgare

The name of this potent herb is said to come from two Greek words: 'oros' and 'ganos', meaning joy of the mountains. Oregano has small, oval leaves that feel a bit fuzzy. The flavor can be described as warm or pungent, peppery, a bit bitter and straightforward - think of marjoram on steroids. For many people, oregano is a 'pizza spice', but this herb has so much more to give! Crush or shred oregano leaves to release the essential oils and add them in pasta sauces and marinades, stews, and casseroles or try it with beans and vegetables.

Grow fresh, tasty and pure greens all-year-round. Plantui Plant Capsules™ are soil-free and ready-to-use. No gardening skills needed: just place the plant capsules into the Smart Garden - the seed are already in the capsules.

Untreated non-GMO seeds: Plantui seeds have not been treated using any chemical, biological or physical method.

Our capsules are made of lava stone wool which ensures optimal water and oxygen levels for plants. The rockwool is also firm enough to support the plant weight and soft enough to allow the roots to grow into the nutrient solution.

This package contains 3x Plantui Plant Capsules™ and 1x pack of nutrients specifically designed for these plants.