Thai Lemongrass

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Thai Lemongrass

Cymbopogon Flexuosus

Perennial oriental culinary herb rich in essential lemon oil, possesing wonderful lemony flavour and scent. The plant has long, slender grayish-green leaves and fibrous base. Lemon grass is used to flavour a wide variety of dishes and drinks, teas, as it adds a very refreshing and fragrant touch to it. Also, it's used to keep away the parasites, mosquitos, ants etc., as they naturally do not like the smell of lemongrass. Grows easy and fast, both, outside in the garden or inside in a container or pot. Super fast and easy growing, do not require any special care. Once planted, re-grows every year. Contains strong health benefiting properties. Suitable for fresh usage, drying, freezing.

This packet contains seeds only. You will need to purchase the experiment kits separately.


  • ~400 Thai Lemongrass seeds

 Special Requirements:

  • 1x Experiment Kit
  • Sow between 7-10 seeds per capsule
  • Kill off the weaker sprouts leaving only 1-2 per capsule